The way I spent the end of the world

From the first shot of the film, we’re drawn into a world of tremendous vitality and warmth, so powerful and convincing that everyone we see on screen is instantly a fully formed individual and fundamentally real.

Martha Fisher, TIFF Review, 12/09/2006

Mitulescu successfully negotiates the tricky byways of the film’s tragi-comic tone, offering the viewer a sense of the era as it was lived by ordinary, unheroic people who fearfully stayed in the shadows until the revolution suddenly overturned their world.

Deborah Young, Variety

O filme de Catalin Mitulescu passa esta segunda-feira à noite no TCSB, legendado em inglês, no âmbito do Périplo Cinematográfico Romeno.

Às 21h30, com entrada livre e debate no final, com Laurentiu Damian e Júlia Garraio. Não percam!

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